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3 Jan

Python: Imdb web scraper

Requirements: requests, BeautifulSoup

It allows you to search any particular movie name and then it will show all possible results. Then you have to choose your choice and then it will tell you the rating as per imdb.

4 Jan

Python: Youtube Playlist downloader

Requirements: requests, BeautifulSoup, youtube_dl

In this program after pasting the URL of youtube playlist, it will scrape all the links from playlist and save it in youtube-links.txt file. After saving it will give 1 option whether you want to skip any downloads or not. After entering it will skip those particular numbered videos and download the remaining ones.

5 Jan

Scraping images and downloading

Had some knowledge related image scraping. But due to less time I am not able to spend much time on this.

6 Jan

Python: Scraping images and downloading

Requirements: requests, BeautifulSoup, urllib2

Enter any URL and then it will scrape all the img tag and then it will extract all the links of the images and then it will download it to your local disk. If extension is unknown then it will first verify the extension that is it valid or not and then it will save it else it will skip it.

7 Jan

Python: Youtube Channel Reminder

Requirements: requests, BeautifulSoup

This program create one local database of those channels which you enter. All you need to do is to enter channel name and then this program will search that channel and then scrape all the links and title of that

8 Jan

Python: Twitter followers geolocation

Requirements: requests, BeautifulSoup, plotly, loklak, collections

All you need to do is enter the name of channel and it will scrape the best possible user from twitter search and then it will scrape the total number of followers. After that it will get geolocation of all users(country wise) and then it will plot the graph for the same. Bugs are there or may be there are some information leakage which needs to be detected but still its working fine.

9 Jan

Introduction to Django

Seems like Django is quite complicated. Getting familiar with it so that I can start working with this framework. I guess I'll start making project by tomorrow.

10 Jan

Python: Admit card scraper

Created one python program which can scrape all the admit card from a particular site and then download images

11 Jan

Youbot: Python project

Started Youbot python project. Since its an introduction then i can't say it is completed but it is estimated that it will be completed by Day 13.

12 Jan

Youbot: Python project #2

Day 2 of Youbot project. 70% work have been completed. Added remind command and youtube smart downloader

13 Jan

Youbot v1.0 BETA released

Youbot v1.0 Features
1. Download youtube videos also in audio format
2. Download any playlist
3. Reminder to tell if you there is any updated video of any particular channel.
4. Add channel to your favurite to get updates related that channel.
5. Get trending videos and download them.

14 Jan

Youbot: Bug fix

trending bug fixed, website updated

15 Jan

Youbot: random function

Added random function to my Youbot program + Had some experience with some algorithms.

16 Jan

Youbot: Big fixed

Studied algorithms + Youbot download queue function

17 Jan

Youbot: playlistSearch function

Which helps you to search all playlist matching with that string. (approx 20 search result). Need to extend it

18 Jan

Qypo: Learn to type

Qypo is a customizable Typing helper which will help you to increase your typing speed. Having loads of features it can track your progress and represent it in graph.
Qypo is different from others as it shows only random quotes by scraping and by this it will help you to introduce new quotes.

19 Jan

Qypo: Result comparison function

Added Result comparison function which lets you compare your result with past days.

20 Jan

Introduction to Flask

Had some experience with Flask basic.

21 Jan

Algorithm + Questions

Solved some compeititive programming questions and studied few algorithms

22 Jan

fabot - Facebook bot

fabot is a Facebook which redefined your Facebook experience to the whole new level. Its just a normal project right now. But hoping to add some cool features to make it much productive.

23 Jan

fabot - Created messenger

Created a part of messenger through which you can send and read messages easily.

24 Jan

Personal blog is created using github pages + materialize css

25 Jan

fabot - Interactive UI

Checked some end case input to avoid breaking in program. Also added notification function to get all notification from profile

26 Jan

fabot - Cookies

Amazing feature by fabot. One time login authentication by saving your cookies session. delete function is also added so that no one should steal it. Also cookies will be hidden.

27 Jan

fabot - Search users

Allow fastest user search information. Just paste the facebook id and it will show all the information. More data need to be stored later.

28 Jan

fabot - Bug fix

Facebook change div class randomly, so scraping is difficult that's why I used different variables and fixed bugs

29 Jan

Competitive questions solved

Less time need to manage my time

30 Jan

Competitive questions solved - #2

Again solved some comeptitive programming questions and learned some algorithms.

31 Jan

NPTEL - Studied pythoon

Studied some python lectures including solving problems

1 Feb

Competitive programming - #3

Solved some problems to maintain coding streak

2 Feb

NPTEL - #2

Week 2 of NPTEL studied more about python and some algorithms

3 Feb

Youbot - Finalizing project

In 2 - 3 days will complete youbot project and make it available to use

4 Feb

Youbot - Finalizing project #2

Youbot v1.1 BETA version released

5 Feb

Youbot v1.1

Youbot v1.1 released

6 Feb

Twitter scraper

Created one program which lets you tweet any message through terminal without opening web browser.

7 Feb


Mythical Bot is my twitter bot which tweet every 30 min and motivates people.

8 Feb

Twitter-bot Finalized

Edit have been made and now twitter bot project is finished.

9 Feb

Instagram image downloader

Its looking a bit difficult but still i am trying my best to achieve this goal.

10 Feb

Instagram image downloader #2 + NPTEL

Again stuck with instagram scraper. Kind of confusing how to access script data. Need to complete in next 2 days.

11 Feb

Instagram image downloader #3

Successfuly figured the way to fetch script as JSON data. Much better approach but still need to figure how the are inter-related.

12 Feb

Instagram image downloader

Instagram scrapper will scrape all the images from any user (Public user) and then save it locally. You can log in + save cookies + download images(normal + HD)

13 Feb

Instagram image downloader - #tags

Added feature to download tags directly from instagram. It will be like downloading anything. Still some bugs are still there.

14 Feb

NPTEL + revision

Re-written some readme files of different project and studied python in NPTEL.

15 Feb

Django + Typing

Studied Django online about web applications and how to use it. Also had some typing practice.

16 Feb

Django #2

Read some documentation of django.

17 Feb

Django #3

Watched video about django in try django playlist

18 Feb

NPTEL Programming questions

Solved some questions

19 Feb

Django #4

Learning more about django. And its getting hard day by day

20 Feb

Django #5

Learned more about apps, views, models, templates.

21 Feb

Django #6

Learned more about email,forms, static files.

22 Feb

Data analysis #1

Gathering data through scraping and then analyzing them

23 Feb

Data analysis #2

17000+ Data have been gathered. Still there are many leaks. Need to modify my code

24 Feb

Data analysis #3

Introduction to multiprocessing. Kind of interesting.

25 Feb

Data analysis #4

Code is ready, all I need to do is Scrape, Scrape, Scrape :P. Now keeping this aside will come back to django

26 Feb

Data analysis #5

3rd modification. Introduction to database concept. Started learning more about sqlite

27 Feb

Data analysis #6

22 Hours to put text data into .db file. Code is ready now !

28 Feb

Data analysis #7

6 lakhs of data collected in database. Need more time a lot more

1 Mar

1 Day leave

Reason: Travelling home

2 Mar

Data analysis #8 + NPTEL Python + C++

More data fetched and solving many problems with python and c++

3 Mar

Python - Spider (Web scraper)

Learning some concept of spider scraping

4 Mar

Python - Spider (Web scraper) #2

Implementing it by writing code

5 Mar

Python - Spider (Web scraper)

Successfully created spider, now need to implement it with little changes on my own.

6 Mar

Try Django Video 1,2

Again started django

7 Mar

C++ Basics

Switching to C++ for NPTEL Assignment

8 Mar

C++ Basics

Got to know more about C language

9 Mar

C++ Basics

Pointers and structures

10 Mar

C++ Pointers

Pointers and structures

11 Mar

C++ Function overloading

Pointers and structures

12 Mar

Python Trees

Trees, permutations, searching

13 Mar

Social Status Python

New python project

14 Mar

c++ this pointer

More about C++ in NPTEL

15 Mar

Social Status Python #2

stackoverflow, twitter done

16 Mar

Social Status Python #3

Bugs fixed

17 Mar

Social Status Python

Finished this program

18 Mar

Python Revision

While Python revised

19 Mar

Python NPTEL

Solved 16 questions of python

20 Mar


C++ NPTEL course studies

21 Mar


C++ NPTEL MCQ and programming assignments

22 Mar


C basics from book and NPTEL c++ questions

23 Mar

Python Selenium

Downloaded all the requirements and runned basic selenium program

24 Mar

Python Selenium

Create a program to open website search css selector

25 Mar

Flask and Django

Had some experience o deployment of app in various websites

26 Mar

10FastFingers | Python Script

Created python script to get 180 WPM

27 Mar

Introduction to Scrapinghub

Had some introduction with Scrapinghub and how to work in scrapy

28 Mar

Heroku scrapper successful

Successfully created heroku web app to scrape websites. Looking forward for so many possiblities

29 Mar


Setting up Database SQL

30 Mar

Heroku - To do list

Successfully Created to do web app

31 Mar

Heroku - instagram image downloader

Successfully created Insta image downloader. Still need improvement

1 Apr

Heroku - instagram image downloader Final

Successfully created Insta image downloader with final improvements

2 Apr

Heroku - Youtube video downloader

Successfully created Youtube video downloader

3 Apr

Heroku - Log in system

Now anyone can log in and use some cool features :P

4 Apr

Heroku - Final web app done

Finalized everything in my heroku web app

5 Apr

Learn Python The Hard Way - 100 pages done

Started reading one python book to get some strong basic concepts

6 Apr

Learn Python The Hard Way - 200 pages done

100 pages more to go. Now real stuff started

7 Apr

Learn Python The Hard Way - Done

Completed learn python the hard way, it was fun

8 Apr

FB bot on heroku - #Testing

Added some commands just like google assistant

9 Apr

FB bot on heroku - Final

Search, ask, define, get jokes from 9gag. Code just for me :D

10 Apr

Django from DjangoGirls

Learn little more about django

11 Apr

Introduction to scrapy

Gettig familiar on how to work with scrapy and later will contribute

11 Apr

Basics of Scrapy + Scrapinghub

Completed basics of scrapy and deployed it in scraping hub. I can feel the power of python even more :D

24 Apr

Introduction to Javascript

Started coding from codecademy

25 Apr

Javascript - Revised

Javascript introduction completed

26 Apr

Welcome Brackets

Introduction to how to use Brackets for javascript

27 Apr

Javascript + Brackets

Had some experience working with brackets and javascript together. All plugins ready

28 Apr

Javascript events

Learned more about event handler

29 Apr

Javascript functions/constructor

More about objects, function and constructor

30 Apr

Algorithms hashing, trees

Searhcing, sorting, hashing, trees

1 May

Trees going on

More trees, more C++ and more java

2 May

C++ All night

More pointers, pointers

3 May


Finally I know how to make link list

4 May


Revision of all basics and advance

5 May


List list + python data structures

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